Sips & Kicks Auction | Bidding FAQ

How do I start bidding online?
Text [sipsandkicks] to (855) 735-2437. You will receive a text message prompting you to create a Bidr account, and then you’ll be ready to start bidding.

You can also go to to register (new user) or log in (existing user) to view items and place bids.

Text to Bid on an Item – You can bid by scrolling through the list of items under “view items”. By text, you can also type the number of the item you are interested in to see the current level of bidding for that item. Remember to begin the item number with a zero, just as it is marked on the item card.

Will I get a notification is someone outbid me?
Yes – You will receive a text message as soon as you are outbid and no longer the winning bidder for an item. You will be told the next bid level and asked if you would like to rebid at that level.

What if I accidentally bid?
Bidr gives you the chance to correct your bid by replying ‘delete bid’ within 3 minutes of your bid.

How do I know if I won?
You will be notified via text message.

Can I pay with check instead of credit card?
Yes – to begin bidding you must create a Bidr account, which includes entering a credit card. If you have won an item and would like pay via check please see an event representative.

When will my credit card get charged?
When the auction closes, items will move to your shopping cart. You can then click “Pay.” Bidr charges your credit card directly.

Where do I get my items I’ve won?
There will be a designated area at the event to retrieve the items you’ve won.